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November 24, 2016 1:56 pm

Overall Dental Health

You might not know that your dental health gives indications about your health taken as a whole. Here we are sharing some facts that tell you how your mouth, gums, and teeth affect your overall physical health.

orthodontist-287285_640How Dental Health is connected with Overall Health

There is not a single place in the world where bacteria and other microorganisms are not present. Even your own body has no single area that is spared from these microbes. Including many areas of your body, your oral cavity is swarming with microbes, though most of these microbes are not harmful. On an average, the good dental health care, for instance, daily brushing along with your body’s natural defense mechanism, can keep microbes under control. Nevertheless, if you do not carry out proper dental hygiene, these microbes are capable of reaching the levels that cause oral infections and diseases such as gum and tooth decay.

In addition to that, some specific medications, for instance, antidepressants, painkillers, diuretics, antihistamines, and decongestants are found in reducing the saliva flow. Saliva has many useful functions including washing away foodstuffs and neutralizing acids that are produced by the microbes in your mouth. In this way, saliva protects you from the bacterial invasion and overgrowth that can cause ailments.

Studies show that oral microbes and the swelling linked to periodontitis i.e., a ruthless kind of gum infection and plays a role in some other diseases as well. On the other hand, some diseases such as AIDS and diabetes are found in lowering the body’s defense against infections, making dental health issues even worse.

What Conditions are Connected with Dental Health

Our dental health contributes to a variety of conditions, diseases, and ailments including:

Cardiovascular Diseases

Some studies show that cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and clogged arteries might be connected with the infections and inflammation that are caused by the oral microbes.


It is the infection of endocardium i.e., the innermost protective lining of the heart. This infection occurs when the microbes from other areas of our body including our mouth, extend through our bloodstream and get attached to the injured areas in our heart.


Diabetes is a condition that reduces your body’s self-defense mechanism to resist the infections. People with diabetes are found to have severe and more frequent gum diseases. Research indicates that people having severe gum diseases are found to have difficulty in controlling their blood-sugar levels.

Pediatric Dental Health

We recommend that you consult a specially trained pediatric dentist for children’s dental health issues. If you are in the Denver Metro area we recommend Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry.  Or if an adult, a great dentist in Parker would be Stonegate Dental Care.

November 17, 2016 1:56 pm

What You Should Know About Dental Health

If you do not take care of your mouth, it might lead you to many a dental issue including gum diseases, sensitivity, bad breath, cavities, and even teeth loss. But do not get worried, all these problems are preventable if go checked on regular basis. For the perfect dental health, there is a variety of good practices and habits you are required to adopt. Here we are sharing some of the facts you need to know about your dental health.

You cannot Get Good Dental Hygiene Overnight

A perfect white smile takes some time to come over. A great many changes to your routine will affect this slow but sure process. Plaque i.e., a sticky film of microbes that sticks at your gums ant teeth will take some time to be detached. You should brush your teeth twice daily and three to four minutes at one time. For taking the time into account, you can employ a timer that makes sure you are spending enough of time while brushing your teeth or you can play a melody of comparable length to encourage all the family members to spend enough time in brushing. Before going to bed, rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash in accordance with the labeled directions, it will protect your gums and teeth all through the night. There are many tools including floss; that is capable of reaching to the areas where your regular toothbrush cannot reach. It is recommended to be employed once before bedtime.

See a Dentist at Regular Intervals

We are accustomed to seeing the doctor for the cure and not for the prevention. This is especially true in the case of a dentist. We only visit them when our tooth or gums pain or we want to get our painful tooth be removed. This approach is totally mistaken. It is advised to see your dentist at least twice per year. Your dentist will do the check-up along with the professional cleaning. They are able to identify the hidden problems before they get excruciating. In this way, you are sure to prevent the dental problems in advance.

teeth-1560353_640Initiate Healthy Habits Right Away

Your child is susceptible to cavities as soon as his baby teeth come out.  Cavity-causing microbes can make their way to the baby’s mouth even from the parent, frequently by sharing the same spoon or toothbrush. You need to take good care of your child’s teeth as your own teeth. Because cavities can distract them from their school’s task and even from their playing with friends. For a healthy beginning, use an age appropriate, soft brush for your child and try to brush their teeth by yourself before they reach seven years of age. It is advised to talk about your child’s fluoride needs to your pediatrician or dental professional and adjust your sails to gift your lovely child at their first birthday by paying a visit to your dentist and gets their check-up done.

Your Smile Reflects Your Lifestyle

A research suggests that healthy and balanced diet along with regular exercise reduce the likelihood of developing gum issues. An unbalanced diet including excessive sugars in foods and liquids can cause cavities. So for having a perfect smile, take a good care of your oral cavity and make people envious of your charming smile.





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