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November 10, 2016 6:06 am

How Braces Work?

Straight teeth are essential in the way a person looks, the way they chew or the way they smile. Teeth can be misaligned and in some certain cases, they can be responsible for becoming a cause for pain. It is also very hard to clean misaligned teeth and that increases the chance of cavities being produced. However, as medical treatments have advanced, one of the most common ways of treating misaligned teeth is to seek orthodontic help and get braces or retainers on your teeth.

The basic functionality of braces is to apply gentle pressure over an extended period of time to get the misaligned teeth that have grown or teeth that are starting to grow out of places. There have been studies that have shown that patients using braces can get results within 6 months but this period can extend up to 2 years in some cases.


It is a slow and steady process as the teeth are intentionally loosened up from its original position and then moved into its perfect place by the gentle pressure applied. The muscle and gum tissues that are naturally grown adopt to this new position of your teeth and offer the necessary support within time. The process can be taken in relevance to the example of a moving glacier, the movement are so minute but indeed within the due time, the use of braces is bound to show results and get you the right smile you have always dreamed about.

In general, there are four main functional parts of a braces/retainers.


When braces are installed, the brackets are installed on each tooth separately. They can be either made of metal or ceramic material.




The extended wire that connects each tooth through its bracket is known as the archwire. This wire is responsible for pulling your teeth into the correct position which is perfectly aligned.

Metal Band

The bonding material which is also referred to being the metal band is the ring of metal that wraps around the tooth and is responsible for attaching the bracket to the tooth.


A small twisted wire or an elastic that is responsible for attaching the archwire to each of the brackets that are connected to each tooth.

Each brace is designed individually and can only be used for that specific person. There can be different ways of getting the braces. Some of which are mentioned below.

Metal Braces/Traditional

When you hear the term braces, these are the braces that come to your mind. These are the cheapest set of braces out there as they have metal brackets which can of various colors. But, this type of braces is the most noticeable as they are very hard to hide.

Ceramic Braces

This type of braces serves and work in the same manner as the metal braces. However, they have brackets that are similar to the color of your teeth and therefore are easily hideable. Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces.

Lingual Braces

The traditional function of this kind is same as the other kinds but the brackets and wires are all aligned on the inside of your teeth. They are easily hideable, however, the position of this type of braces makes them harder to clear.


These are custom made mouth guards and are made of plastic. These aligners are almost invisible and have to be worn over the teeth but have to be replaced after every 2 weeks.



November 3, 2016 6:12 am

Why Do You Need to Get Braces Done by a Licensed Dentist?

Teeth are an important part of the human body and taking care of them should be an equal priority to dealing with all other diseases or problems. If you have noticed something wrong with your teeth and believe that the use of braces will be beneficial for you then you need to consider this option. As the use of braces get your perfectly aligned teeth and also reduces the chance of cavities being produced.
dentist-1025338_640If you have come to the decision of getting braces on your teeth, it is more important that you get them done by a licensed dentist. Everywhere we have seen cases of malpractice and issues being created by people or dentist who have not been licensed and created a situation by wrongly advising their patients based on their experience alone.

They may have gotten the right education and probably be aware with all of the orthodontic knowledge, however, being licensed is another case and getting your braces done from a licensed dentist is more important.

Firstly, it reduces the risk of maltreatment or getting the wrong advice as a licensed professional dentist will not be advising you wrongly. Secondly, dental braces are an expensive piece of equipment and getting them done by a licensed dentist will be to your benefit as they will be liable to provide you with “A” standard equipment and not become the cause of any fraud.

Another benefit of getting your braces done by a licensed professional is that in case something does go wrong, the proper authorities can be notified. If you have been getting your braces done from an unlicensed dentist knowingly then the authorities are not liable to take action and even insurance companies are justified to deny you any claims.

The risk reduction is irreversible on both the client and a licensed dentists case. For a client, the risk is reduced by choosing a licensed dentist but for a dentist, it is necessary to provide the best of services, advice if they want to keep their license. So getting your braces done from a licensed dentist is absolutely necessary.

When we say the term a licensed dentist for braces, we actually mean someone who has been licensed to deal with braces. There can be dentists who have had to privilege of spending some courses in this field, however, the most technical term that should be used in the orthodontist. These are the dentists who have spent their time in dentistry schools and then gone on to study orthodontic courses and made their expertise in jaw functions, tooth movements. These are the people who have specialized in their field and are certified by authorities to deal with a case of braces.

It is a matter of experience, however, make sure to get your treatment from a certified professional reduces the risk. It also means that you would have to spend less time with your doctor and be able to get the best results in the least possible time. The situation can be related to you needing heart surgery. Obviously, you would want to get the necessary help from a person who has experience of performing heart surgeries instead of a person who has only done 1 or 2 heart surgeries in a year.

Similarly, when it comes to getting your braces done, a verified and experience dentist/orthodontist is necessary to increase and even guarantee the success rate.

There have been cases of people having gotten their braces done from their regular dentists and then needing the help of certified dentist who deals in braces who spent several months trying to rectify the damage. Your regular dentist may not be a bad dentist at all and probably will be an expert in his domain, however, when it comes to dealing with braces, the more experience the better it is.

Choosing is what matters when it comes to this kind of cases. If you have been looking to get the treatment done and are bothered by the way your teeth look and then make the wrong decision to not go to a certified professional who has relevant experience of dealing with patients needing braces then all together, not getting the treatment would have been a better choice for you. However, if you want to get the best treatment and the right results that will help you in getting your teeth aligned in their perfect place and help you get that right smile than choosing a licensed dentist who specializes in braces is absolutely required for you.


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